Sleeping Murder

Sleeping Murder
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Описание книги

There’s no place like home.Strange things have started to happen in Gwenda’s new house.Things she couldn’t possibly know about the house feel oddly familiar: a sealed room, a hidden connecting door, an irrational sense of terror every time she climbs the stairs…Does the secret lie in a crime committed there many years before?Or does the answer lie closer to home?


Agatha Christie. Sleeping Murder


CHAPTER 1. A House

CHAPTER 2. Wallpaper

CHAPTER 3 ‘Cover Her Face …’

CHAPTER 4. Helen?

CHAPTER 5. Murder in Retrospect

CHAPTER 6. Exercise in Detection

CHAPTER 7. Dr Kennedy

CHAPTER 8. Kelvin Halliday’s Delusion

CHAPTER 9. Unknown Factor?

CHAPTER 10. A Case History

CHAPTER 11. The Men in Her Life

CHAPTER 12. Lily Kimble

CHAPTER 13. Walter Fane

CHAPTER 14. Edith Pagett

CHAPTER 15. An Address

CHAPTER 16. Mother’s Son

CHAPTER 17. Richard Erskine

CHAPTER 18. Bindweed

CHAPTER 19. Mr Kimble Speaks

CHAPTER 20. The Girl Helen

CHAPTER 21. J. J. Afflick

CHAPTER 22. Lily Keeps an Appointment

CHAPTER 23. Which of Them?

CHAPTER 24. The Monkey’s Paws

CHAPTER 25. Postscript at Torquay


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Perhaps I am a bit psychic, thought Gwenda uneasily. Or is it something to do with the house?

Why had she asked Mrs Hengrave that day if the house was haunted?


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