Bathilda: A Play in Three Acts

Bathilda: A Play in Three Acts
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Описание книги

Adapted by Alexandre Dumas from a script by Auguste Maquet, BATHILDA tells the story of a woman who's raped by Marcel, and becomes his lover for a time. After she leaves him and moves to Paris, she meets Deworde, her deceased spouse's nephew, and plans to marry him. But Marcel pursues her, determined that if he can't have her, no one else will either. He plays a cat-and-mouse game with Bathilda, Deworde, and his friend Guilaumin, until their final confrontation. Will Marcel have his bullying way? Or will Bathilda find some resolution to her seemingly impossible moral dilemma? A great early work by this major French writer!


Александр Дюма. Bathilda: A Play in Three Acts

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