The Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask
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HarperCollins is proud to present its new range of best-loved, essential classics.‘I've worn that mask so long I don't feel safe without it.‘The Man in the Iron Mask sees D’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis return to meet their destinies in their final adventure. D’Artagnan still remains in the service of King Louis XIV while Aramis is a priest at the Bastille prison. Upon listening to a confession from an iron-masked prisoner who tells him that he is the twin brother of the King of France, Aramis is convinced that he will be rewarded if he can help him become king and he devises a plan for his escape, pitching himself against his old comrade D’Artagnan. Far darker than Dumas’ previous novels, The Man in the Iron Mask is a fast-paced and compelling historical romance of honour and loyalty.


Александр Дюма. The Man in the Iron Mask




CHAPTER 1 The Prisoner

CHAPTER 2 How Mouston Had Become Fatter without Giving Porthos Notice Thereof, and of the Troubles Which Consequently Befell that Worthy Gentleman

CHAPTER 3 Who Messire Jean Percerin Was

CHAPTER 4 The Patterns

CHAPTER 5 Where, Probably, Moliere Obtained His First Idea of the Bourgeois Gentilhomme

CHAPTER 6 The Bee-Hive, the Bees, and the Honey

CHAPTER 7 Another Supper at the Bastille

CHAPTER 8 The General of the Order

CHAPTER 9 The Tempter

CHAPTER 10 Crown and Tiara

CHAPTER 11 The Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte

CHAPTER 12 The Wine of Melun

CHAPTER 13 Nectar and Ambrosia

CHAPTER 14 A Gascon, and a Gascon and a Half

CHAPTER 15 Colbert

CHAPTER 16 Jealousy

CHAPTER 17 High Treason

CHAPTER 18 A Night at the Bastille

CHAPTER 19 The Shadow of M. Fouquet

CHAPTER 20 The Morning

CHAPTER 21 The King’s Friend

CHAPTER 22 Showing How the Countersign Was Respected at the Bastille

CHAPTER 23 The King’s Gratitude

CHAPTER 24 The False King

CHAPTER 25 In Which Porthos Thinks He Is Pursuing a Duchy

CHAPTER 26 The Last Adieux

CHAPTER 27 Monsieur de Beaufort

CHAPTER 28 Preparations for Departure

CHAPTER 29 Planchet’s Inventory

CHAPTER 30 The Inventory of M. de Beaufort

CHAPTER 31 The Silver Dish

CHAPTER 32 Captive and Jailers

CHAPTER 33 Promises

CHAPTER 34 Among Women

CHAPTER 35 The Last Supper

CHAPTER 36 In M. Colbert’s Carriage

CHAPTER 37 The Two Lighters

CHAPTER 38 Friendly Advice

CHAPTER 39 How the King, Louis XIV., Played His Little Part

CHAPTER 40 The White Horse and the Black

CHAPTER 41 In Which the Squirrel Falls,—the Adder Flies

CHAPTER 42 Belle-Ile-en-Mer

CHAPTER 43 Explanations by Aramis

CHAPTER 44 Result of the Ideas of the King, and the Ideas of D’Artagnan

CHAPTER 45 The Ancestors of Porthos

CHAPTER 46 The Son of Biscarrat

CHAPTER 47 The Grotto of Locmaria

CHAPTER 48 The Grotto

CHAPTER 49 An Homeric Song

CHAPTER 50 The Death of a Titan

CHAPTER 51 Porthos’s Epitaph

CHAPTER 52 M. de Gesvres’s Round

CHAPTER 53 King Louis XIV

CHAPTER 54 M. Fouquet’s Friends

CHAPTER 55 Porthos’s Will

CHAPTER 56 The Old Age of Athos

CHAPTER 57 Athos’s Vision

CHAPTER 58 The Angel of Death

CHAPTER 59 The Bulletin

CHAPTER 60 The Last Canto of the Poem


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The Man in the Iron Mask




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Alexandre Dumas

Title Page


“‘Oh! the queen would never believe the story,’ said the good gentleman, shaking his head; ‘she will imagine that I want to keep this letter instead of giving it up like the rest, so as to have a hold over her. She is so distrustful, and M. de Mazarin so—Yon devil of an Italian is capable of having us poisoned at the first breath of suspicion.’”

Aramis almost imperceptibly smiled.


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