The Way to myself

The Way to myself
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Описание книги

The name of famous Novosibirsk entrepreneur Andrey Alekseev can be linked to such massive and successful projects as nationwide restaurant chain called “Vilka-Lozhka” and “Pechki-Lavochki”, as well as the “Bolshaya Medveditsa” shopping center. Some would ask: what else does that guy need?In this book, Andrey Alekseev tells about how you can find your own Way and follow it. He shares his experience of breaking bad habits, changing his attitude towards himself and towards people and business.Do you dream of finding more opportunities to realize your talents and become a well-known professional?Then this book is for you!Enjoy your trip!


Андрей Алексеев. The Way to myself

To the Reader

Chapter 1. Finding myself


A twist of fate

Inspiration to live

The inner master

Chapter 2. Family

Mutual expectations checklist

Become what I want!

How do I find “my person”?

A man and a woman. The Sun and the Earth

Chapter 3. Partners

“Bolshaya Medveditsa’s” lessons

Mira village

Chapter 4. Money

Money can’t buy happiness

Business and spirituality

Business as predestination

Chapter 5. Debts and duties

Me to world, or world to me?


Duties overcome rights

Chapter 6 The Truth

Why do we lie to ourselves and others?

Is silence golden?

The honest truth

Truth = Loneliness?

The practice of fairness

Chapter. 7 Criticism

Practice of curing over-criticism

Chapter 8. Balance

Chapter 9. Loneliness

Are you lonely, or free?

Love = give

Freedom from loneliness

Chapter 10. “I do” or “it happens”?

Wait or act? Fight or trust?

Practice of mind cleansing

Chapter 11. Wish and intention

Wishes don’t come true, intentions do

Do you really want it?

The price of wishes

Chapter 12. Places of power



Leave the aquarium of your mind

The place of power is there – in your heart

Chapter 13. Predestination

Mine, or not mine?

Be what you are

Just do it!

Chapter 14. Roles in life

Who chooses the game for me?

To play or not to play?

Chapter 15 A. Healthy life for mind and body

I am what I eat

Why do animals run and fish swim away from us?

Freedom from medicine

My principles of a healthy lifestyle

Chapter 16. Meditation

Who rules my life?

Want to get something – let it go

“I’m solid” means I’m filled with everything

Practice of meditation

So, what does it give us?

Chapter 17. My philosophy

What are my goals in this life?

Chapter 18. A model for living in the present

Body cleansing

Mind cleansing

Daily checklist

Chapter 19. The way to myself: the itinerary

Traps on the way to yourself

How do I start moving forward?

Instead of goodbye

Dear reader!

Отрывок из книги

In my childhood, I used to be a really active and stubborn kid. My mom said that while she and my father were walking from the bus stop to our home, I could dash there and back several times.

From my very childhood, I felt as though there was a kind of flame inside me, and that flame forced me forward. At school I was very much into volleyball. I trained twice a day for 7 years in a row. I made my way through to the Russian National team. And that’s as far as my career in sports went.


Multiple instructions, internal orders and regulations, made a group of adherents turn into a bunch of obedient doers. Releasing the staff from their responsibilities regarding “what” and “how” they should do their jobs, I fully put all of them on myself.

At the same time, the flywheel of bureaucracy was moving faster, and the net expanded. 30, 40, and later 60 companies in 10 regions of the country. I stopped visiting the restaurants’ openings and started living my own life, while the business lived its own. I didn’t see our clients and guests, but only my managers’ reports. I became a little part of a huge managerial machine, and I didn’t own the business any more – it owned me. Moreover, the service quality and profitability were decreasing.


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