The Lost World / Затерянный мир

The Lost World / Затерянный мир
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Описание книги

Сэр Артур Конан Дойль (1859–1930), шотландский и английский врач и писатель. Широкую известность получили его увлекательные детективные произведения, приключенческие и научно-фантастические, юмористические, а также исторические романы. Кроме того, он писал пьесы, стихотворения, автобиографические очерки, бытовые романы. В 1912 году увидела свет научно-фантастическая повесть «Затерянный мир». В этом произведении о профессоре Челленджере автор фактически открыл новое направление в этом жанре – путешествия во времени.


Артур Конан Дойл. The Lost World / Затерянный мир


Chapter I. There Are Heroisms All Round Us

Chapter II. Try Your Luck with Professor Challenger

Chapter III. He is a Perfectly Impossible Person

Chapter IV. It’s Just the very Biggest Thing in the World

Chapter V. Question!

Chapter VI. I was the Flail of the Lord

Chapter VII. Tomorrow we Disappear into the Unknown

Chapter VIII. The Outlying Pickets of the New World

Chapter IX. Who could have Foreseen it?

Chapter X. The most Wonderful Things have Happened

Chapter XI. For once I was the Hero

Chapter XII. It was Dreadful in the Forest

Chapter XIII. A Sight which I shall Never Forget

Chapter XIV. Those Were the Real Conquests

Chapter XV. Our Eyes have seen Great Wonders

Chapter XVI. A Procession! A Procession!

Отрывок из книги

Mr E. D. Malone desires to state that both the injunction for restraint and the libel action have been withdrawn unreservedly by Professor G. E. Challenger, who, being satisfied that no criticism or comment in this book is meant in an offensive spirit, has guaranteed that he will place no impediment to its publication and circulation.

For an hour or more that evening I listened to his monotonous chirrup about bad money driving out good, the token value of silver, the depreciation of the rupee, and the true standards of exchange.


I should have laughed only that I had a vision of our doing another Catharine-wheel down the passage.

“No doubt,” said I, “no doubt,” as one humors an imbecile. “I confess, however,” I added, “that this tiny human figure puzzles me. If it were an Indian we could set it down as evidence of some pigmy race in America, but it appears to be a European in a sun-hat.”


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