The Virgin Beauty

The Virgin Beauty
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THE 6'2" VIRGINThe new town veterinarian had a lot to offer–striking good looks, sharp wit and a fantastic intellect. Yet so far, no man had been able to see beyond Grace McKenna's considerable height. So the virginal beauty couldn't contain her amazement when rancher Daniel Cash paid her some much-needed attention. Trouble was, she didn't know if Daniel's attraction was real–or motivated by a startling situation.Grace knew that only she could save Daniel's family name. And as she fought to keep herself out of temptation's way, she also fought her feminine need to give in to her own desires. Could she trust Daniel with her most precious gift and embrace her womanhood for once…for always…forever?


Claire King. The Virgin Beauty

If there was one thing Daniel Cash understood perfectly, it was a battle

The Virgin Beauty. Claire King



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“I’m helping you on with your damn coat,” he said between his teeth.

It was probably a little twisted, getting turned on while you were wrestling with a woman for the dubious privilege of helping her on with her coat, but Grace McKenna had been giving him the strangest ideas since the day he met her.


She flushed, because she didn’t, because she knew he was baiting her. “I get thousands. I need to hire a secretary just to handle them all.”

He gave her the long look this time, his head tilted to match hers. “I’ll bet. So what about it?”


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