The Mackintosh Bride

The Mackintosh Bride
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Brazen, Bareback–And Beautiful!But little did Iain Mackintosh, determined laird of a scattered clan, suspect that Alena, the secretive woman who stirred his very blood, was the same gamin girl he'd loved–and lost–in childhood…and so held the key to his future!Her brutish betrothal. His marriage alliance. They could never be together, yet Alena knew their hearts beat as one. Still, fear gripped her when she thought of their future. For Iain Mackintosh, her soul's own, had unknowingly vowed to war against her clan–putting her in a danger as deep as their love!


Debra Brown Lee. The Mackintosh Bride



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Отрывок из книги

“Don’t touch me!

I’m not one of your whores.”


“I have a matter to discuss with ye.” To her relief he dropped her hand and walked toward the window. He cast a brief look outside. “What think ye of this place?”

The question took her by surprise. “’Tis…very fine. Surely one of the greatest stone castles in Scotland.”


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