North and South

North and South
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Описание книги

HarperCollins is proud to present its new range of best-loved, essential classics.‘But the cloud never comes in that quarter of the horizon from which we watch for it.’When Margaret Hale is uprooted from Hampshire and moves to the industrial town of Milton in the North of England, her whole world changes. As her sympathy for the town’s mill workers grows, her sense of social injustice piques and she passionately fights their corner. However, just as she disputes the mill owner, John Thornton’s treatment of his workers, she cannot deny her growing attraction to him. Highlighting the changing landscape of nineteenth-century Britain and championing the role of women in Victorian society, Gaskell brilliantly captures the lives of ordinary people through one of her strongest female characters in literature.


Элизабет Гаскелл. North and South



CHAPTER 1 ‘Haste to the Wedding’

CHAPTER 2 Roses and Thorns

CHAPTER 3 ‘The More Haste the Worse Speed’

CHAPTER 4 Doubts and Difficulties

CHAPTER 5 Decision

CHAPTER 6 Farewell

CHAPTER 7 New Scenes and Faces

CHAPTER 8 Home Sickness

CHAPTER 9 Dressing for Tea

CHAPTER 10 Wrought Iron and Gold

CHAPTER 11 First Impressions

CHAPTER 12 Morning Calls

CHAPTER 13 A Soft Breeze in a Sultry Place

CHAPTER 14 The Mutiny

CHAPTER 15 Masters and Men

CHAPTER 16 The Shadow of Death

CHAPTER 17 What is a strike?

CHAPTER 18 Likes and Dislikes

CHAPTER 19 Angel Visits

CHAPTER 20 Men and Gentlemen

CHAPTER 21 The Dark Night

CHAPTER 22 A Blow and its Consequences

CHAPTER 23 Mistakes

CHAPTER 24 Mistakes Cleared Up

CHAPTER 25 Frederick

CHAPTER 26 Mother and Son

CHAPTER 27 Fruit-Piece

CHAPTER 28 Comfort in Sorrow

CHAPTER 29 A Ray of Sunshine

CHAPTER 30 Home at Last

CHAPTER 31 ‘Should Auld Acquaintance be Forgot?’

CHAPTER 32 Mischances

CHAPTER 33 Peace

CHAPTER 34 False and True

CHAPTER 35 Expiation

CHAPTER 36 Union not Always Strength

CHAPTER 37 Looking South

CHAPTER 38 Promises Fulfilled

CHAPTER 39 Making Friends

CHAPTER 40 Out of Tune

CHAPTER 41 The Journey’s End

CHAPTER 42 Alone! Alone!

CHAPTER 43 Margaret’s Flittin’

CHAPTER 44 Ease not Peace

CHAPTER 45 Not all a Dream

CHAPTER 46 Once and Now

CHAPTER 47 Something Wanting

CHAPTER 48 ‘Ne’er to be Found Again’

CHAPTER 49 Breathing Tranquillity

CHAPTER 50 Changes at Milton

CHAPTER 51 Meeting again

CHAPTER 52 ‘Pack Clouds Away’

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The Victorian Era and Gaskell’s Work




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Elizabeth Gaskell

Title Page


Chapter 39 Making Friends

Chapter 40 Out of Tune


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