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HarperCollins is proud to present its new range of best-loved, essential classics.‘“I'll not listen to reason,” she said, now in full possession of her voice, which had been rather choked with sobbing. «Reason always means what someone else has got to say.»’First published in serial format in a magazine, Gaskell’s Cranford is a delightfully light-hearted series of stories about early Victorian life in a country village.Following the lives of two spinster sisters, Miss Matty and Miss Deborah as they gossip about the inconsequential goings-on of the community around them, Gaskell’s best-loved work affectionately comments on the role of women in society at that time and the changing face of the Victorian world.


Элизабет Гаскелл. Cranford

CRANFORD. Elizabeth Gaskell


CHAPTER 1 Our Society

CHAPTER 2 The Captain

CHAPTER 3 A Love Affair of Long Ago

CHAPTER 4 A Visit to an Old Bachelor

CHAPTER 5 Old Letters

CHAPTER 6 Poor Peter

CHAPTER 7 Visiting

CHAPTER 8 “Your Ladyship”

CHAPTER 9 Signor Brunoni

CHAPTER 10 The Panic

CHAPTER 11 Samuel Brown

CHAPTER 12 Engaged to be Married

CHAPTER 13 Stopped Payment

CHAPTER 14 Friends in Need

CHAPTER 15 A Happy Return

CHAPTER 16 Peace to Cranford

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About Cranford and the Victorian Era




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Title Page


In a few moments more Miss Brown lay calm and still—never to sorrow or murmur more.

After this second funeral, Miss Jenkyns insisted that Miss Jessie should come to stay with her rather than go back to the desolate house, which, in fact, we learned from Miss Jessie, must now be given up, as she had not wherewithal to maintain it. She had something above twenty pounds a year, besides the interest of the money for which the furniture would sell; but she could not live upon that; and so we talked over her qualifications for earning money.


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