Hired: The Boss's Bride

Hired: The Boss's Bride
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He needed someone to bring a bit of life to the business! Mitch Hanover needed a miracle. And when Veronica Bing roared up in her pink Corvette, waltzed in wearing skinny jeans and high boots and told him she was the girl for the job – Mitch couldn’t help but agree! Mitch was gorgeous, but Veronica had learned the hard way that relationships at work were a bad idea. And Mitch had ‘BAD NEWS’ written across his forehead.Even if the attraction zinged between them, and his kisses made her melt, Mitch had lost his beloved wife – and sworn never to love again… Unless this sassy brunette could change his mind!


Элли Блейк. Hired: The Boss's Bride


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Mills & Boon® Romance brings you a fresh new story from Australian author

Ally Blake


But now, here, in this big, old, musty, gilded building that echoed with the cultured voices of people who’d walked in her shoes, she felt more than a little intimidated.

The grey papered walls were faded, the massive chandelier in the middle of the entrance looked as if it hadn’t worked in a century and the gunk on the walls, gilded frames around pictures of fussy-looking, overfed royalty, what she could only assume was supposed to be art, were so far beyond her taste and life experience as to seem alien.


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