Rescuing The Royal Runaway Bride

Rescuing The Royal Runaway Bride
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Описание книги

Royal bride on the run!On his way to a royal wedding, Will Darcy rescues a damsel in a muddy wedding dress! As they hide from the media in one hotel room, the irrepressible Sadie makes Will reconsider his priorities. Will he be able to resist the tantalizing royal runaway?


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Отрывок из книги

Royal bride on the run...

Into the arms of an enigmatic rescuer...


A slim auburn eyebrow rose dramatically. “I thank you for asking first, but I do mind.”

Will’s gaze lifted from the behind in question to find the woman looking over her shoulder at him. Those big eyes were unblinking, a glint of warmth, laughter even, flickering in the blue. Or was it green?


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