Amber And The Rogue Prince

Amber And The Rogue Prince
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Описание книги

One summer with the prince… One scandalous consequence!Betrayed at the altar, Prince Hugo escapes to Australia and finds solace with the unconventional Amber Hartley. However, Hugo gets more than he bargained for as brave and sassy Amber is everything a princess shouldn’t be – not to mention she has a secret that could shock the nation!


Элли Блейк. Amber And The Rogue Prince

Отрывок из книги

One summer with the prince...

One scandalous consequence!


“I’d think you were an idiot.”

A smile tugging at the corner of that mouth, he looked out over the lavender, all the while taking a step closer to her. “Then here’s the unvarnished truth: a wicked witch lured me here with a peach. I took one bite and fell into a deep sleep.”


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