A Night with the Society Playboy

A Night with the Society Playboy
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In bed with the best man!Once Ava Halliburton shared a tender night of passion with Caleb Gilchrist. Next day she hopped on a plane to Boston – not to return for ten years… But now she’s home for her brother’s wedding. And Caleb’s the best man: richer than ever, sexier than ever, with a reputation for fast cars and faster women.Caleb still wants her. But she walked out on him all those years ago and he’s no gentleman. One night, and then he’ll be the one to walk away…


Элли Блейк. A Night with the Society Playboy


Отрывок из книги

He lifted her so that her legs wrapped around him.

Her eyes locked with his as he walked her to the front of the car. Then he sat her upon the still hot hood.


And it had taken her about, ooh, half a second to refuse and take flight.

He braced himself to suffer the onrush of unbearable frustration he’d associated with her memory for a long time after she’d left him standing there in the middle of the airport terminal.


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