Marie: An Episode in the Life of the Late Allan Quatermain

Marie: An Episode in the Life of the Late Allan Quatermain
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Описание книги

The youthful Allan Quatermain is bound for strange adventures, in the company of the ill-fated Pieter Retief and the Boer Commission, on an embassy to the Zulu despot, Dingaan. Yet he is bound, too, for one of the deepest romances of his life – for in Marie he tells of his courtship and marriage to his first wife, Marie Marais.


Генри Райдер Хаггард. Marie: An Episode in the Life of the Late Allan Quatermain



Editor’s Note

Chapter 1. Allan Learns French

Chapter 2. The Attack on Maraisfontein

Chapter 3. The Rescue

Chapter 4. Hernando Pereira

Chapter 5. The Shooting Match

Chapter 6. The Parting

Chapter 7. Allan’s Call

Chapter 8. The Camp of Death

Chapter 9. The Promise

Chapter 10. Vrouw Prinsloo Speaks Her Mind

Chapter 11. The Shot in the Kloof

Chapter 12. Dingaan’s Bet

Chapter 13. The Rehearsal

Chapter 14. The Play

Chapter 15. Retief Asks a Favour

Chapter 16. The Council

Chapter 17. The Marriage

Chapter 18. The Treaty

Chapter 19. Depart in Peace

Chapter 20. The Court-Martial

Chapter 21. The Innocent Blood

Отрывок из книги

The Author hopes that the reader may find some historical interest in the tale set out in these pages of the massacre of the Boer general, Retief, and his companions at the hands of the Zulu king, Dingaan. Save for some added circumstances, he believes it to be accurate in its details.

The same may be said of the account given of the hideous sufferings of the trek-Boers who wandered into the fever veld, there to perish in the neighbourhood of Delagoa Bay. Of these sufferings, especially those that were endured by Triechard and his companions, a few brief contemporary records still exist, buried in scarce works of reference. It may be mentioned, also, that it was a common belief among the Boers of that generation that the cruel death of Retief and his companions, and other misfortunes which befell them, were due to the treacherous plottings of an Englishman, or of Englishmen, with the despot, Dingaan.


“I think, mynheer,” I replied, growing white with rage at this new insult, “the same that has happened to yonder buck,” and I pointed to the klipspringer behind Hans’s saddle. “I mean that I shall shoot you.”

“Peste! Au moins il a du courage, cet enfant” (At least the child is plucky), exclaimed Monsieur Leblanc, astonished. From that moment, I may add, he respected me, and never again insulted my country to my face.


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