Successes and Setbacks of Social Media

Successes and Setbacks of Social Media
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Discover the real-life impacts of social media use through a collection of fascinating academic perspectives   Successes and Setbacks of Social Media: Impact on Academic Life  rigorously explores the positive and negative impacts of social media as a communication tool. The book incorporates a diverse group of opinions and perspectives, all of which reflect on how social media might influence academic success, relationships, self-worth, and engagement with virtual networks.  Accomplished academic and editor Dr. Cheyenne Seymour delivers an insightful examination of the different ways that social media can catapult people into success or failure. Four key areas are explored: academics, authenticity, relationships, and self-worth. Each area contains a synthesis of the latest research, supplemented with contributions that explore the negative and positive aspects of each area. The editor also includes perspectives that discuss emerging technologies, the impact they have on social media, and the impacts they might have in the future.  The book offers readers a wide variety of benefits, including:  An informative synthesis of peer-reviewed research about the impact of social media on individuals today Chapters that investigate both positive and negative aspects of social media across multiple demographics and usage scenarios Illuminating reports on experiences with several social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat An analysis of potential future developments and emerging technologies in social media and the coming social and ethical concerns that might arise Perfect for advanced undergraduate and graduate level students across a variety of disciplines, but particularly in courses on social media, mass communication, relational communication, and strategic communication,  Successes and Setbacks of Social Media  also belongs on the bookshelves of anyone with even a passing interest in the real-world impacts of social media usage.


Группа авторов. Successes and Setbacks of Social Media

Successes and Setbacks of Social Media. Impact onAcademic Life

Table of Contents



List of Contributors


Introduction. Pervasiveness of Social Media in Higher Education


1. Grades: Smiling Face Emoji. Introduction

Social Media and Student Engagement

Sharing Videos, Sharing Knowledge

Social Media Groups and Good Grades


Social Media and Civic Engagement in the College Classroom: Reflections on a Social Media Campaign Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Social Media in a Persuasive Communication Course

Reflecting on This Course’s Role in My Academic Success



Posting for Progress

Facebook Group

Google Docs and Google Hangouts

Google Voice and Pinterest

Transferable to the Professional World

#Isucceed: Impact of Social Media on Academic Success in Higher Education Programs



Academic Success

Online Gaming as Social Media



2. Grades: Worried Face Emoji. Introduction

Time Spent on Social Media

Negative Impact on Grades

Online Distractions

Privacy Concerns


You Don’t Belong Here


The Power of Social Media



Change the Perspective: Online Distraction to Recharging Online

A Painful Decision

Reconciling the Distraction

To Be Liked: Social Media’s Impact on African Americans in Academia


3 #NoFilter. Introduction

Reflecting Personality and Values

Institutions Benefiting from Authenticity


Community and Labor: The Affordances and Constraints of Social Media

Katy’s Perspective

Luz’s Perspective

Sam’s Perspective

Katy’s Conclusions


Authoring Authenticity Through Social Media

Inspirational Quotes

Body Image

Love Story

Hashtags as Identity: Black Male Authenticity Online



Theoretical Framework





4. There’s a Filter for That. Introduction

Does This Post Make Me Look Fa…bulous?

Social Media and Online Reputations

Social Media and Deception

Protecting Privacy Online


Rewriting One’s College Experience with Social Media

College Administrator’s Perspective

College Student’s Perspective

College Administrator’s Conclusion


Social Networking: From Invasion of Privacy to True Self

You Are Not Your Brand: Confronting the Spiritual Perils of Social Media


5. We Are Connected. Introduction

Making New Connections

Maintaining Relationships


Social Media: From Deleted to Private, Private to Public Profiles

It takes a Village: Facebook Group Supports #PhDMommy

Social Media Network: Contribution to Success

6. It’s Complicated. Introduction

Damaging Family and Friendly Connections

Partner Problems


Fake News and Family: Here’s How to get Results


Avoiding Social Media in Grad School: Not Here for the Comments

Far Away and Far From: Fickle Relationship with Long-Distance Support Structures

7. I Would Follow Me. Introduction

Boosting Self-Esteem

Support System


Facebook Friends and Law School


The Courage of Vulnerability as a Pedagogical Tool for Emancipatory Education in Feminist Social Work

My Journey Towards Mental Health Recovery

How and Why I Have Decided to Speak Up

The Courage of Vulnerability in Classroom Settings


A Novel Perspective on Social Media

A Deliberate Choice

Viewed Experiences

The “Ps” Associated with Social Media: Power, Permanency, Prevented Positivity

Potential Positivity

Personal Reflections


8. Unfollowing Myself. Introduction

Negative Feelings

Body Image

Posting for Help


The Balancing Act: The Accumulating Pressures of Social Media and Success


Bodies, Images: The Impact of Social Media on Body Image

Like. Like. Like


Drawing Comparisons: Social Media, Impostor Syndrome, and Socialization


Part V. Looking Ahead “Social Media Influencing Higher Education”

Social Media Impacting Admissions

Hashtag Activism Online and on Campus

Policy and Plan of Action

Social Media and Academics Post-Pandemic




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Edited by Cheyenne Seymour

Alysa Auriemma, MA teaches English at Miss Porter’s School. She is currently revising the drafts of her first novel.


Lisa M. Wisniewski, EdD is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and a Universal Design for Learning trained Teaching Fellow at Goodwin University. She has published on early career development and has a growing expertise on Millennials and Gen Z in the workplace.

Thomas Witherspoon, EdD is the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion at Whitman College. As senior leadership, he supports students, faculty, and staff in building capacity for diversity, equity, and inclusion.


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