In Our Own Words

In Our Own Words
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Honest personal accounts by young AA members of what it’s like to get sober at an early age and about the challenges and joys that lie ahead in sobriety. This collection of personal stories from AA Grapevine focuses on the challenges faced by alcoholics who are young in years—as well as the life-changing sober joys that await them. You’ll discover frank accounts of drinking in the lives of young adults, how they managed to get and stay sober, the impact that practicing the principles of AA has had on their lives, and the challenges and rewards of finally learning to live and to love, one day at a time. An essential read if you’re young and sober—or thinking about getting sober—this book shows how successful early sobriety can be. As one contributor writes: “To all the young people out there who are unsure, I want to say, ‘Keep coming back, no matter what. Enjoy the gift of sobriety and try to pass it on.’”


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In Our. Own Words. Stories of Young AAs in Recovery. From the pages of AA Grapevine

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May 1995

In the beginning, my drinking was mostly on the weekends, but when I got to high school, alcohol became a number-one priority. At night (with a fake ID), I went to bars to have “a few drinks” and would end up with strange people in strange places, coming out of a blackout and not knowing where I was, how I got there, what day it was, where my car was, if I had money left in my wallet. Any values I’d been given by my parents were annihilated when I put alcohol in my system. Drinking produced heart-wrenching shame and remorse when I was dry and the insanity of thinking that another drink would make the pain go away.


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