Young & Sober

Young & Sober
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From Grapevine , the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous, inspiring stories by AA members who achieved sobriety in their teens, 20s and 30s. What’s it like to stop drinking at an early age? You’ll find out in this collection of Grapevine stories about the joys and challenges of being young and sober. Written by members who got sober as young as 14, these fresh, original and sometimes startling stories are about growing up in AA, finding ways to connect when feeling different and learning how to live a sober life joyously. From the young alcoholic for whom drinking once represented “the relief I’d been looking for,” to the college graduate who feels “a part of something for the first time,” when introduced to the AA community, this book speaks to the growing number of young people who have found a sense of belonging and hope in AA. An instructive and inspiring read for family, counselors and healthcare providers alike, Young & Sober beautifully captures the experience of what it’s like for a young person to live with addiction.


Группа авторов. Young & Sober

AA Preamble



CHAPTER ONE. What It Was Like, What Happened. Their drinking careers weren’t long—but long enough


Teen Nightmare

Wiped Out

Preamble to Recovery

Homeless Bound

Nothing Left to Lose

The Only Failure

Someday I'll Be Cured

CHAPTER TWO. I Earned My Seat. Young, but no less an alcoholic

A Teenager's Tears of Hope

All in the Same Boat

Twenty-One and In Trouble Again

Young and In Pain


A Fresh Introduction to Hell

How Bad Is Bad Enough?

Haven't You Had Enough?

Reaching Teens

Seventeen and Sober

CHAPTER THREE. The Next Generation. Growing up around AA is no guarantee against alcoholism

A Program Baby

Heads Up

When I Was Sixteen, I Was Ready

Second-Generation AA

Blessed With the Memory of My Pain

Ripped Jeans and Threadbare High-Tops

Addicted to Excitement

My Grandmother’s Gift

CHAPTER FOUR. Thank You, Old-Timers. The love and guidance of seasoned AAs helped. these younger members feel welcome

Loved Into Sobriety

Caps in the Air

It Was Hard to Believe

Kid Stuff

Listen to People’s Feelings

The Great Reality Within

Prom Night

CHAPTER FIVE. There Were Others Just Like Me. Connecting with their own age group and having fun sober. was the beginning of the end of isolation

The Young One

Sobriety Countdown

Young People’s Groups

Back-Up Plan Scrapped

Grow or Go

Life, Unlimited

It Was All New To Me

Say No to Nothing

CHAPTER SIX. The Turning Point. That moment they realized that they really can’t drink safely

Close Encounters of the Coffee Shop Kind

He Gave Me the Shirt off His Back

A Drunk, Pure and Simple

A Homegrown Drunk

We Feel the Same Pain

Moving Into the Fourth Dimension

CHAPTER SEVEN. The Heart of It—Steps and Service. Service was the welcome mat to belonging; the Twelve Steps were the key to living sober


Forever Young

Young People in Service

Memoirs of a Conference Junkie

More Than One Way

Y.E.S., Y.E.S., Y.E.S

Talk About Bridging the Gap

Fountain of Youth

We Who Are Next in Line

CHAPTER EIGHT. Living Life, Growing Up. Through good times and bad, these AAs turn to the Fellowship and their Higher Powers and keep going

Living Large

Growing Pains

Snapshots of Sobriety

Digging My Bottom

Sober in the Sixties

Experience Sobriety


An Archway to Life

CHAPTER NINE. A Few 24 Hours Later. Young old-timers talk about where their journey has taken them, and about passing it on to the next generation

Who Says an Old-Timer’s Got to Be Old?

Sober in School


Making the Grade

Surviving the Fall

Gratitude Lane

Young, Drunk and Broke

Good, Bad, or Indifferent



Alcoholics Anonymous

AA Grapevine

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Young & Sober

Stories by Those Who Found AA Early


Young Peoples' Groups July 1969

Back-Up Plan Scrapped August 2010


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