Sex in the Cities. Volume 2. Berlin

Sex in the Cities. Volume 2. Berlin
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Описание книги

In the 1920s, Berlin, once perceived as a puritan city, became the capital of lust and the debauchery of morals. It was in this capricious town that an exceptional museum dedicated entirely to eroticism opened its doors. Abandoning all aspects of voyeurism, the Erotic Museum in Berlin is a magical place in which the imagination of man and the most refined works of art interact. This remarkable book is comprised of more than 350 rare illustrations, and accompanied by a major study written by, history professor, Hans Jürgen Döpp. It covers various aspects of erotica throughout time and continents.


Hans-Jürgen Döpp. Sex in the Cities. Volume 2. Berlin

A Geography of Pleasure

Erotic Art or Pornography?

How is it possible to speak of erotic art?

The Dream about the Orgy

Eroticism and Indignation

Pleasures for the Eye

The Loneliness of the Image

The Erotic Roots of Collectomania

Sodom Berlin. Berlin in the 1920s – Home to Eroticisms and Erotic Art

Negation and Erection. The later erotic works of George Grosz

May 1000 Flowers Bloom! The proper handling of erotic art

Отрывок из книги

Gustave Courbet, L’Origine du monde or The Origin of the World, 1866.

Oil on canvas, 46 × 65 cm. Musée d’Orsay, Paris.


In Western Europe, erotic depictions were banished to secret galleries. The floating, transitory world was held in chains, and only with great difficulty was science able to free sexuality from prejudices and association with sin. It is, therefore, no wonder that sexology developed wherever the relationship between sexuality and eroticism was especially ambivalent or troubled. It is to celebrate this relationship that a monument has been erected in the shape of the Magnus Hirschfeld Museum in Berlin.

Our cornucopia of a colourful, erotic world of images and objects shows that Eros can be an all-encompassing and unifying energy. These items provide an opportunity to steal a glimpse of an essential, human sphere – usually taboo – through the eyes of many artists with a continuously changing point of view.


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