The Art of Living Chinese Proverbs and Wisdom

The Art of Living Chinese Proverbs and Wisdom
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This book offers a contemporary look at the popular, 400 year-old text Vegetable Roots Discourse . Ming Dynasty scholar and philosopher Hong Yingming wrote many books, but only Vegetable Roots Discourse has survived into the 21st century—remaining a widely studied text in China, Japan and Korea. In it, Yingming offers 360 observations and proverbs about life, human nature, heaven, earth and more. These witty and timeless sentiments derive from Yingming's own informal compilation of thoughts, as well as the understandings of Buddhism, Daoism (Taoism) and Confucianism.In The Art of Living Chinese Proverbs and Wisdom , Professor Wu Yansheng and Dr. Ding Liangyan have provided original commentaries for each of the 360 snippets of wisdom. These help readers to expand their understanding of the meaning behind the original text, whilst demonstrating its significance in a contemporary context.


Hong Yingming. The Art of Living Chinese Proverbs and Wisdom

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The ancient saying goes: “Cleverness is the enemy of intelligence.” Man’s thought and wisdom are limited. Using a fistful of clever trickery to scheme for petty advantage may seem like getting the better of others but in the end one is damaged by one’s own prejudices to the harm of others and without benefit to self. Laozi said: “The Way is of and in the Natural World.” In life one should learn from all the sentient beings of the universe and indulge less in cunning trickery and more in a natural simplicity. This is the only means of retaining a nature that is both upright and honest, leaving a reputation for pure simplicity and gaining a life that is tranquil and harmonious.

38. Devilry first seizes the mind, subdue the mind and the devils depart; to rid the mind of wayward thoughts, subdue one’s mood and they will no longer intrude.


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