Second Foundation

Second Foundation
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WINNER OF THE HUGO AWARD FOR BEST ALL-TIME SERIESThe Foundation series is Isaac Asimov’s iconic masterpiece. Unfolding against the backdrop of a crumbling Galactic Empire, the story of Hari Seldon’s two Foundations is a lasting testament to an extraordinary imagination, one whose unprecedented scale shaped science fiction as we know it today.The First Foundation has been defeated, crushed by the formidable mental powers of the Mule. But whispers of the mysterious Second Foundation, the only hope of defeating the Mule, are beginning to spread…Surviving members of the First Foundation also fear the secret powers of the Second Foundation, vowing to find and destroy it. However, the location of the Second Foundation remains shrouded in mystery. Finding it will lead the Foundation to the opposite end of the Galaxy, where the fate of Seldon’s two Foundations awaits.


Isaac Asimov. Second Foundation




1. Two Men And The Mule

2. Two Men Without The Mule

3. Two Men And A Peasant

4. Two Men And The Elders

5. One Man And The Mule

6. One Man, The Mule – And Another

7. Arcadia

8. Seldon’s Plan

9. The Conspirators

10. Approaching Crisis

11. Stowaway

12. Lord

13. Lady

14. Anxiety

15. Through The Grid

16. Beginning Of War

17. War

18. Ghost Of A World

19. End Of War

20 ‘I Know …’

21. The Answer That Satisfied

22. The Answer That Was True

Footnote. Chapter 1: Two Men And The Mule

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to Marcia, John and Stan

Title Page


‘Then,’ said Pritcher, still insistent, ‘why not remove my own Conversion, if you think that will improve me. I can scarcely be mistrusted, now.’

‘That never, Pritcher. While you are within arm’s reach, or blaster reach, of myself, you will remain firmly held in Conversion. If I were to release you this minute, I would be dead the next.’


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