Bloody Passage

Bloody Passage
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Описание книги

A classic thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Eagle Has Landed.Oliver Grant is a decorated soldier, Military Intelligence Major and a case-hardened mercenary. So when the stepson of a Mafia boss is kidnapped and taken to a Libyan prison fortress, Grant is the perfect choice to carry out the rescue.Except for one detail: he doesn’t want the job.In an attempt to change his mind, Grant’s young sister is snatched and he is forced to comply – he knows that the Mafia don’t make idle threats.But then Grant’s beautiful, innocent lover also disappears, and he realises that he is involved in a game that will be played to the death…


Jack Higgins. Bloody Passage

Bloody Passage

1. A Season for Killing

2. The Hole

3. The High Terrace

4. Rain on the Dead

5. A Special Kind of Woman

6. The Rules of the Game

7. Dead on Course

8. Fire in the Night

9. Cape of Fear

10. Simone Alone

11. To the Dark Tower

12. Night Run

13. Rebel Without A Cause

14. Face to Face

15. Endpiece

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For Hannah in some kind of Celebration



‘Oliver Grant.’ I reached for another glass as a waiter went past. ‘You want to know something, Simone Delmas? You’re like a flower on the proverbial dung heap.’ I gestured around the room. ‘Don’t tell me you’re in the movies.’

‘Sometimes I do a little design work, just for the money. When I do what I prefer, I paint water-colours.’


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