From Victory to Victory

From Victory to Victory
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Описание книги

Whether you are a new or mature Christian, you are currently engaged in a warfare that will not end until you meet Christ. Victory is essential in the Christian life. Not to experience a victorious Christian life does not fit within the standard we are called to live. In the book of Revelation, Jesus said these words to the seven Churches: &quot;To the one who overcomes.&quot; This implies that, although Jesus is the source of victory for His church, He still expects his church to walk From Victory to Victory.<br>In this book you will learn how to:<br><br>* View yourself, the world around you, and the spiritual world from a biblical perspective <br>* Identify the enemies of the Christian life and the various strategies used against you as a believer<br>* Recognize and cope with spiritual distractions<br>* Use your spiritual discernment at all times<br>* Discover who you are in Christ Jesus<br>* Operate under His victory to defeat your enemies<br>* Practice an effective prayer life


Jean Max B. St Louis. From Victory to Victory



Part I: Identify The Christian Enemies. Chapter 1. The Awareness of the Christian Enemies

Chapter 2. The Flesh as an Enemy

Chapter 3. The World as an Enemy

Chapter 4. Satan as an Enemy

Part II: Avoid Spiritual Distractions. Chapter 5. Spiritual Distractions

Chapter 6. Sources of Distraction

Chapter 7. Conquer Spiritual Distractions

Part III: Strategies Of Victory. Chapter 8. The First Call and the First Lesson of Jesus

Chapter 9. Our Union with Christ

Chapter 10. Walking by the Spirit

Chapter 11. Victory Over the World

Chapter 12. Submission to God

Chapter 13. The Confidence to Engage in Spiritual Warfare

Chapter 14. The Equipment of Spiritual Warfare: Part 1

Chapter 15. The Equipment of Spiritual Warfare: Part 2

Chapter 16. The Right Understanding of Prayer

Отрывок из книги

First and foremost, I want to express my deepest and greatest gratitude to God for putting the passion in my heart to write this book and helping me, in every step of the way, to complete it successfully. I express my deep sense of gratitude to my wife, Naomie St Louis, who was very patient and supportive as I was writing this book. I owe great thanks to Susan Rescigno, who helped me in the editing of the entire manuscript. Her input and her suggestions were very useful. I would also like to thank Dr. Howard McNeill, who, in spite of his busy schedule, created the time to read a part of this manuscript and to give me some good advice.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to people like: Mr. and Mrs. David Anthony Romeo, who gave me some good advice about the manuscript; Pastor Oreste Coulanges and Pastor Joseph Victor, who gave me their words of encouragement; my brother-in-law, Pastor Bernard Laurent, who gave me some great advice and encouragement; and my father, Pastor Jean Bien-Aime St Louis; my mother, Gladys St Louis; my sister, Marie-Bernard St Louis; and many other friends, who were constantly supporting me in their prayers.


Perhaps you are asking, “How can I experience victory?” This is the question that my book will tackle--to show that, although the Christian life has many enemies, they were all defeated by one victory, the victory of Jesus at the cross.

Your responsibility is not to struggle for victory, but to struggle under His victory, so that you might live a victorious Christian life on a daily basis.


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