Blood Ties Book One: The Turning

Blood Ties Book One: The Turning
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Jennifer Armintrout. Blood Ties Book One: The Turning

Blood Ties The Turning. Jennifer Armintrout

Prologue. Welcome Back

Jennifer Armintrout

One. The End

Two. A Few (More) Unpleasant Surprises

Three. The Movement

Four. When Carrie Met Dahlia

Five. Decisions, Decisions

Six. John Doe

Seven. June 23, 1924

Eight. A Bargain

Nine. Antidote

Ten. Sunset

Eleven. A Sleepless Day, An Uncomfortable Night

Twelve. A Gift

Thirteen. Revelations and Recriminations

Fourteen. An Uncomfortable Reunion

Fifteen. Consummation

Sixteen. Best-Laid Plans

Seventeen. Happy New Year

Eighteen. The Soul Eater

Nineteen. The Assassins

Twenty. Transfusion

Twenty-One. Born Again (Not That Way)

Twenty-Two. I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Twenty-Three. Welcome Home

Twenty-Four (Dis)Closure

Twenty-Five. Something Ever After

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Jennifer Armintrout was born in 1980. She has been obsessed with vampires ever since the age of four and her first crush was on Vincent Price. Raised in an enormous Roman Catholic family, Jennifer attributes her interest in the macabre to viewing too many funerals at a formative age. Jennifer lives in Michigan with her husband and children.



“If you decide not to ask the Movement for membership, I’ll report you. You’ll be processed in their system and a kill order will be issued a few days later.” He shrugged again, as if he couldn’t care less about the conversation. “I suppose you could make a run for it, but until I have that order in my hand, I’m not going to do anything to you. I don’t work for free.”

I was about to argue that he could just kill me, then report me. Luckily, the common sense which seemed to have deserted me in the past few weeks found its way back, and I held my tongue. “How very Han Solo of you.”


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