Audubon's Birds

Audubon's Birds
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Описание книги

Audubon’s ambitious project to paint all the birds of North America resulted in a work that represents one of the greatest advances in ornithology. Not only did he identify new species, he also depicted birds within their natural habitat and in vivid poses. This impressive collection ranges from the Greater Flamingo and Bald Eagle to the Carolina parakeet. Audubon describes every species in concise texts, drawing attention the peculiarities of each bird.


John James Audubon. Audubon's Birds




Family I. Vulturinæ. Vulturine Birds or Vultures

Family II. Falconinæ. Falcons

Family III. Striginæ. Owls

Family IV. Caprimulginæ. Goatsuckers

Family V. Cypselinæ. Swifts

Family VI. Hirundinæ. Swallows

Family VII. Muscicapinæ. Flycatchers

Family VIII. Sylvicolinæ. Wood Warblers

Family IX. Certhianæ. Creepers

Family X. Parinæ. Tits

Family XI. Sylvianæ. Warblers

Family XII. Turdinæ. Thrushes

Family XIII. Motacillinæ. Wagtails

Family XIV. Alaudinæ. Larks

Family XV. Fringillinæ. Finches

Family XVI. Agelainæ. Marsh Blackbirds

Family XVII. Sturninæ. Starlings

Family XVIII. Corvinæ. Crows

Family XIX. Laninæ. Shrikes

Family XX. Vireoninæ. Greenlets

Family XXI. Piprinæ. Manakins

Family XXII. Ampelinæ. Chatterers

Family XXIII. Sittinæ. Nut Hatches

Family XXIV. Trochilinæ. Humming Birds

Family XXV. Alcedinæ. Kingfishers

Family XXVI. Picinæ. Woodpeckers

Family XXVII. Cuculinæ. Cuckoos

Family XXVIII. Psittacinæ. Parrots

Family XXIX. Columbinæ. Pigeons

Family XXX. Pavoninæ. Pavonine Birds

Family XXXI. Perdicinæ. Partridges

Family XXXII. Tetraoninæ. Grouse

Family XXXIII. Rallinæ. Rails

Family XXXIV. Gruinæ. Cranes

Family XXXV. Charadriinæ. Plovers

Family XXXVI. Scolopacinæ. Snipes

Family XXXVII. Tantalinæ. Ibises

Family XXXVIII. Ardeinæ. Herons

Family XXXIX. Anatinæ. Ducks

Family XL. Merginæ. Mergansers

Family XLI. Pelecaninæ. Pelicans

Family XLII. Larinæ. Gulls

Family XLIII. Procellarinæ. Fulmars

Family XLIV. Alcinæ. Auks

Family XLV. Columbinæ. Divers and Grebes

Отрывок из книги

Bald Eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Plate 11, Falconine Birds


1826:First plate printed.

1828: Presentation of his work to the French botanists, meets Pierre Redouté.


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