Mindfulness For Warriors

Mindfulness For Warriors
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#1 New Release in Military Families ─ Coping with the Stress of First Responder Life A traumatic way of life:  First responders have the incredibly difficult job of running toward danger while the rest of us run away. No training can prepare them for what they will see and endure. Kim Colegrove understands what it’s like to watch someone go through that. After 30 years in law enforcement, her husband took his own life. This agonizing experience opened Kim’s eyes to the desperate need for an effective form of stress-relief and support for first responders. The power of meditation:  No matter our profession, taking care of our mental health needs to be a priority. For first responders like cops and EMTs, ensuring that their heads are in a healthy place is crucial because each day can bring them face-to-face with another trauma. With 40 years of experience, Kim Colegrove is here to share with readers that there is a viable and practical resource for first responders found in meditation. A source of hope:  In 2017, Kim founded The PauseFirst Project, Mindfulness for First Responders. Kim offers the PauseFirst block of training to organizations across the country. She teaches techniques that help reduce stress, regulate emotion, and improve overall health and well-being. Colegrove’s work to bring awareness is a tribute to both her husband and the countless other first responders who struggle with the realities of their jobs. Readers of Kim Colegrove’s Mindfulness for Warriors will find… Evidence-based practices to help first responders and their families deal with stressInterviews with first responders who share their stories of overcoming, surviving, and thrivingColegrove’s own raw and intimate story of her husband’s troubles and how she continues each day fighting in his memoryReaders who have looked for encouragement messages and aid in books like  Bulletproof Spirit, Bullets in the Washing Machine,  and  I Love a Cop (Third Edition)  will find a further source of healing in  Mindfulness for Warriors .


Kim Colegrove. Mindfulness For Warriors

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Mindfulness for Warriors


He had a nephew named Nico, with whom he was especially close. David taught Nico how to fish and use tools. They bonded over “guy stuff,” bad jokes, dumb movies, and Just Dance on the Wii, which was the most hilarious thing you’ve ever seen.

Nico struggled with some emotional difficulties in adolescence, and Uncle David was someone he could always talk to. When he found out his uncle had killed himself, he was devastated. We worried about Nico a lot in the days, weeks, and months following David’s funeral. Nico made the trip from St. Louis to Kansas City several times in those days to spend time with us. I think being in his uncle’s home was comforting somehow. Nico and I were close, and he was close with my kids, especially my son.


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