The Zeppelin Destroyer: Being Some Chapters of Secret History

The Zeppelin Destroyer: Being Some Chapters of Secret History
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Le Queux William. The Zeppelin Destroyer: Being Some Chapters of Secret History

Chapter One. Over a “Gasper.”

Chapter Two. The Murder-Machines

Chapter Three. The Brown Deal Box

Chapter Four. Concerns the Secret

Chapter Five. The Raid on London

Chapter Six. Theed’s Strange Story

Chapter Seven. Reveals a Plot

Chapter Eight. Some Suspicions

Chapter Nine. Contains More Curious Facts

Chapter Ten. The Tunnel Mystery

Chapter Eleven. The Signalman’s Story

Chapter Twelve. Reveals an Astounding Fact

Chapter Thirteen. The Leopard’s Eyes

Chapter Fourteen. False or True?

Chapter Fifteen. Concerns Harold Hale

Chapter Sixteen. At Holly Farm

Chapter Seventeen. Not Counting the Cost

Chapter Eighteen. The Tri-Coloured Rings

Chapter Nineteen. Flashes in the Night

Chapter Twenty. Those “Eyes!”

Chapter Twenty One. Roseye’s Secret

Chapter Twenty Two. More Devil’s Work

Chapter Twenty Three. The “L39.”

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An hour later I made another flight in order to try my new gyroscopic stabiliser, which – for the benefit of those unversed in aerial navigation – I may say is an invention which incorporates a horizontal reference plane of accuracy and integrity to which all angles can be referred.

I flew across to the Thames, and followed the winding silvery streak with dotted blotches of houses up to Windsor and back, finding that the invention rendered my machine a platform which was not only steady, but was also held in constant relation to the horizontal.


Many, alas! were the disappointments. Yet we all three had one goal in view, keeping it ever before us – the fighting of the Zeppelin.

Little did we dream of the strange, dramatic events which were to result from our secret scientific investigations, undertaken in all our enthusiasm.


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