The Second World War. Day after day

The Second World War. Day after day
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A Brief History of the Second World War. You want to put together the past in order to manage the present and the future. Then this book is prepared for you.Everything was so.


Lim Word. The Second World War. Day after day

Formation of the Third Reich

The Civil War in Spain

Armed conflict between the USSR and Japan in the Khalkin-Gol

The Soviet-Finnish War of 1939—1940

The entry of the Baltic republics into the USSR

The Second World War

Occupation of Poland

Benelux countries

Invasion of France

Yugoslavia and Greece

Clash of the Titans

Вattle for Dubno-Lutsk-Brody

The encirclement of the Soviet armies near Smolensk and Kiev. The first assault on Sevastopol

Counteroffensive of the Red Army near Moscow. Rzhev-Vyazma, Rzhev-Sychev and Luban offensive operations

The offensive of Soviet troops near Kharkov. Barvenkovsky trap. The third assault on Sevastopol

The Battle of Stalingrad

The Battle of el Alamein (Libya). The beginning of carpet bombing in Germany

The battle on the Kursk

Crimean offensive operation. Korsun-Shevchenkovskaya operation

Day “D”. Opening of the Second Front

Operation “Bagration”

Lvov-Sandomierz, Yasso-Kishinev offensive operations

The Battle of Ardennes

Vistula-Oder operation. Storming of Koenigsberg

The Battle of Berlin. The Results of the War

War with militaristic Japan

Japan vs. the United States. The war in the Pacific

The Soviet Union against Japan. War on land

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The appearance of the Third Reich (empire), which he became for 13 years and 13 days, as some historians believe, is the merit of the only person – Adolf Hitler (Hydler). The surname is identical to the meaning “forester, caretaker”. The only half-sister, Paula, the artist, lived until 1960, Angel’s half sister (by father), a housewife until 1949, her son Leo Hitler, was captured during the Battle of Stalingrad and was offered for exchange for his son Stalin, Yakov. Brother Edmund dies at a minor age.

In 1908, Hitler failed to take exams at the Vienna Academy of Arts, but since 1909, selling his paintings is beginning to bring a solid income. A.G. studies English and French in the amount sufficient to view the films of these countries in the original, is actively interested in arming the armies of the world and politics. He does not want to serve in the Austrian army “for the Czechs and Hungarians”, but in 1914, with the beginning of the Great War, he makes an application with a request to serve in the Bavarian (German) army. In 1918, Hitler was poisoned by the gas of a chemical shell exploding nearby the English. Half lost sight, he leads the blind comrades from the firing zone. It was at this time, according to his testimony, along with the news of the surrender of Germany, that he found a revelation about the revival of the Reich and miraculously healed. According to mythology, possibly having real roots, Hitler (1) receives a suggestion from a doctor, a powerful hypnotist, that he is the Messiah of the German people, and, therefore, must see through. Or, (2) Concludes an agreement with a representative of the dark forces that he will be given power for 13 years and 13 days (January 30, 1933 – April 30, 1945) for the rise of the German nation.


The “Crossed Arrows” party rules until March 1945.

The way to power was determined after Hitler was sent to the army propaganda courses: his speeches were noticed by influential people. Fourteen years later, A.G. becomes simultaneously Reichspresident and Reichskanzlerom; These long names are shortened to the word “Fuhrer” – “leader.”


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