Songs in the Night

Songs in the Night
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Описание книги

"Songs in the night" – the book is about young lady who was heavily addicted to drags and yet she tried to search for freedom and meaning in her life. Can someone who is broken, disappointed, lonely, addicted and depressed rise from the bottom and gain back the dignity and a place in life? Well yes and sky is the limit! Believes the author who happens to have grounds to say so.


Madlena Khaidarova. Songs in the Night

About author

Concert for the «men in black»


«I do not like your fogs, big foreign city»

Life after divorce

First love… – Last love!

Deceptive comfort

Kill me or change my life!

A sobering chance


You and all your household shall be saved!

Forgiving my father

And yet, there is love in the world…

I have a dream


Отрывок из книги

Madlena Khaidarova is a wife and mother of two beautiful girls. Journalist, counselor, dynamic speaker, singer and songwriter of deep and touching songs. She has big experience in helping addicted people and their families.

At the gate entrance a sullen policeman with a big, round belly is attentively checking our documents and permission papers. His bushy eyebrows move up and down slightly revealing his dark, narrow eyes. He is obviously displeased. He looks down at us, letting us know quite clearly he doesn’t like us at all. He turns around and silently leaves. We wait.


Shell-shocked, I have nothing to say. The thought runs through my head:

«What could you do to get such a punishment?»


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