The Incomparable Countess

The Incomparable Countess
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For one long, hot summer Frances and Marcus had meant everything to each other. And then he betrayed her by marrying someone else. At seventeen, Frances had possessed an inner fire, a joy of life. Now, years later, Marcus, Duke of Loscoe, is confounded by the ice-cold society hostess she has become.Having learned how to suppress her youthful dreams and desires, Frances, Countess of Carringham, can't deny she's pained to hear that Marcus is looking for a new wife to care for his motherless child. Nor can she disguise that she is still susceptible to his charm….


Mary Nichols. The Incomparable Countess

“This is what I remember most about you,” he murmured

The Incomparable Countess. Mary Nichols



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Отрывок из книги

“The graceful way you move when you dance.”

She should bring the conversation to an end. Frances knew that, but she loved it.


‘Indeed.’ He bowed. ‘How do you do, Countess?’

She managed a smile, wondering if it looked as fixed as Lavinia’s. ‘I am very well, your Grace.’


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