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Pierre Bonnard was the leader of a group of Post-Impressionist painters who called themselves the Nabis, from the Hebrew word meaning “prophet”. Bonnard, Vuillard, Roussel and Denis, the most distinguished of the Nabis, revolutionised decorative painting during one of the richest periods in the history of French painting. Bonnard’s works are striking for their strong colours and candidness.


Nathalia Brodskaya. Bonnard


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La Promenade, c. 1900.

Oil on canvas, 38 × 31 cm,


1905: Produces a series of nudes and portraits. Visits Spain.

1906: Exhibits landscapes and interiors at the Vollard Gallery. One-man show at the Bernheim-Jeune Gallery. In the summer sails on Misia Edwards’s yacht to Belgium and Holland.


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