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In her astounding third collection, Nikki Wallschlaeger turns to water—the natural element of grief—to trace history’s interconnected movements through family, memory, and day-to-day survival. <em> Waterbaby</em> is a book about Blackness, language, and motherhood in America; about the ancestral joys and sharp pains that travel together through the nervous system’s crowded riverways; about the holy sanctuary of the bathtub for a spirit that’s pushed beyond exhaustion. Waterbaby sings the blues in every key, as Wallschlaeger uses her vibrant lexicon and varied rhythms to condense and expand emotion, hurry and slow meaning, communicating the profound simultaneity of righteous dissatisfaction with an unjust world, and radical love for what’s possible.


Nikki Wallschlaeger. Waterbaby


Note to the Reader


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Lonely in a Fundamental Way

Further Notes on the New Reconstruction


Just Because We’re Scared Doesn’t Mean We’re Wrong


All Dogs Go to Heaven

Black Woman in a Bathtub, Twenty-First Century


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Ars Poetica on a Twenty-Dollar Bill

Mother of Thousands

About the Author

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Dead to the World Study #3

The Lunch Counter of Eternal Tears


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