iPad Portable Genius

iPad Portable Genius
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Increase your iPad IQ with this genius-level guide to the Apple iPad If you want to squeeze every last bit of incredible from your Apple iPad we’ve got you covered with this newly revised iPad Portable Genius . Want to learn how to connect to a network? How to configure your tablet? How to surf the web more comfortably? All while keeping your identity and accounts private and secure? With the iPad Portable Genius as your guide, you’ll unlock the full potential of your iPad in no time at all. You’ll learn how to: Get the most out of sending and receiving your email Have fun with your images and take crystal-clear photos every time Shoot and edit video right on your iPad Manage your busy schedule with calendars Perfect for anyone looking to save time and reveal the true power and flexibility of their iPad, the iPad Portable Genius, Fourth Edition contains all the new, engaging, and extensively illustrated info you need to master your tablet.


Paul McFedries. iPad Portable Genius

iPad® Portable Genius. Table of Contents

List of Illustrations




Chapter 1: How Do Get Started with My iPad?

Using the Top Button

Sleeping and waking the iPad

Turning the iPad off and back on again

Making a purchase

Using the Home Button

Setting the Volume

Working with the Touchscreen

Understanding touchscreen gestures

Searching for stuff on your iPad

Switching from one app to another

Shutting down an app

Typing on the touchscreen keyboard

Accessing special keys

Working with predictive typing

Editing with Your iPad

Editing text

Selecting, copying, and pasting text

Copying and pasting an image

Undoing an edit

Configuring iPad from the Control Center

Chapter 2: How Do I Connect to a Network?

Making Wi-Fi Network Connections

Displaying nearby Wi-Fi networks automatically

Making a connection to a hidden Wi-Fi network

Working with Wi-Fi Connections

Checking Wi-Fi security

Using Wi-Fi to transfer a file from your Mac to your iPad

Preventing your iPad from automatically joining a known network connection

Shutting off the Wi-Fi antenna

Tethering to an iPhone Internet Connection

Working with Cellular-Enabled iPads

Tracking cellular data usage

Shutting off the LTE antenna

Preventing your iPad from using cellular data

Controlling app access to cellular data

Disabling data roaming

Switching to Low Data Mode

Activating Airplane Mode

Connecting Bluetooth Devices

Making your iPad discoverable

Pairing with a Bluetooth keyboard

Pairing with Bluetooth headphones

Selecting paired headphones as the audio output device

Unpairing your iPad from a Bluetooth device

Chapter 3: How Do I Configure My iPad?

Customizing the iPad Home Screen

Rearranging the Home screen icons

Storing multiple app icons in an app folder

Adding a web page icon to the Home screen

Dealing with App Notifications

Opening the Notification Center

Working with notifications

Configuring an app’s notifications

Configuring Do Not Disturb settings

Trying Out a Few More Useful iPad Customizations

Changing your iPad’s name

Customizing iPad sounds

Customizing the iPad keyboard

Configuring the Siri voice assistant

Configuring and using multitasking

Controlling your iPad’s privacy settings

Configuring your iPad to use Apple Pay

Chapter 4: How Can I Get More Out of Web Surfing?

Surfing with the Touchscreen

Utilizing Pro Tips for Easier Web Browsing

Browsing with tabs

Opening a tab in the foreground

Working with iCloud tabs

Viewing a page without distractions

Requesting a website’s desktop version

Working with bookmarks

Adding bookmarks

Surfing to a bookmarked site

Maintaining bookmarks

Adding pages to your Reading List

Revisiting pages using the History list

Dealing with Forms

Filling in forms faster with AutoFill

Storing website login data

Storing website logins manually

Enhancing Web Browsing Privacy

Deleting sites from your browsing history

Removing website data

Browsing privately

Making Safari Even Easier and Better

Switching the default search engine

Searching for text in a web page

Searching the web with Siri

Sharing a link via AirDrop

Chapter 5: How Do I Make the Most of Email?

Managing Your Accounts

Adding an email account manually

Changing the default account

Disabling an account

Removing an account

Switching from one account to another

Configuring Some Useful Mail Settings

Creating a custom email signature

Thwarting spammers by disabling remote images

Stopping messages from getting organized by thread

Customizing Mail’s swipe options

Working with Email Messages

Adding iCloud folders

Attaching a document from iCloud Drive

Formatting message text

Maintaining messages with swipe gestures

Marking every message as read

Controlling email with Siri voice commands

Chapter 6: How Can I Have Fun with Photos?

Browsing and Viewing Your Photos

Navigating and manipulating photos

Creating a photo album

Marking a photo as a favorite

Streaming photos to Apple TV

Editing a Photo

Enhancing color and brightness

Cropping and straightening a photo

Applying a filter to a photo

Adjusting the lighting in a photo

Using the Cameras

Launching the Camera app

Taking a photo

Learning the Camera app’s features

Focusing your shot

Locking the exposure and focus

Zooming in and out of the shot

Shooting live photos

Shooting a panoramic photo

Shooting a photo with a time delay

Reducing blurry iPad photos

Chapter 7: How Can I Create Video on My iPad?

Recording Video

Recording video on your iPad

Shooting a time-lapse video

Setting the recording format for video and slow motion

Editing Recorded Video

Creating Videos with the Clips App

Creating a Clips video

Adding a new Clips project

Making Movies with iMovie

Creating a new iMovie project

Opening a project for editing

Importing media into your project

Importing a video from an iPad camera

Importing existing video

Importing a photo from the camera

Importing an existing photo

Working with video clips

Moving a clip

Trimming a clip

Changing the transition between two clips

Adjusting a photo’s Ken Burns effect

Adding a title to a clip

Removing a clip

Working with your project

Adding a music track

Changing the project theme

Naming your project

Exporting your project

Chapter 8: How Do I Manage My Contacts?

Getting Started with Contacts

Creating a Contact

Editing a Contact

Assigning phone numbers to a contact

Assigning email addresses to a contact

Assigning web addresses to a contact

Assigning social media data to a contact

Assigning physical addresses to a contact

Adding a photo to a contact

Deleting a contact

Getting More Out of Contacts

Creating a custom field label

Adding fields to a contact

Deleting fields from a contact

Creating a new contact from a vCard

Sending and receiving a contact via AirDrop

Sorting contacts

Syncing contacts

Chapter 9: How Do I Track My Events and Appointments?

Getting Started with the Calendar App

Tracking Your Events

Adding an event to your calendar

Editing an event

Repeating an event

Converting an event to an all-day event

Adding an alert to an event

Getting More Out of the Calendar App

Setting the default calendar

Subscribing to a calendar

Controlling events with Siri voice commands

Handling Microsoft Exchange meeting requests

Working with Reminders

Creating a time reminder

Creating a location reminder

Creating a new list and setting the default list

Completing a reminder

Deleting a reminder

Setting reminders with Siri voice commands

Chapter 10: How Can I Navigate My World with iPad?

Working with Location Services

Controlling how apps access Location Services

Shutting off Location Services

Mapping Locations

Searching for a location

Marking a location

Flying over your destination

Mapping your current location

Mapping a contact’s address

Mapping an address from an email

Saving a location as a favorite

Sharing a map

Mapping locations with Siri voice commands

Navigating with Maps

Getting directions to a location

Getting live traffic information

Getting directions with Siri voice commands

Chapter 11: How Do I Protect My iPad?

Locking Your iPad

Locking your iPad with a passcode

Locking your iPad with a fingerprint

Locking your iPad with facial recognition

Configuring Your Tablet to Sleep Automatically

Backing Up Your Tablet

Setting Restrictions on a Child’s iPad

Chapter 12: How Do I Solve iPad Problems?

Troubleshooting iPad Problems: A Quick Guide

Troubleshooting iPad Problems Step-by-Step

Step 1: Shut down whatever app you’re using

Step 2: Restore a changed setting

Step 3: Shut down and then restart your iPad

Step 4: Reboot the iPad hardware

Step 5: Recharge your iPad

Step 6: Check for iPadOS updates

Step 7: Free up storage space

Step 8: Check your Wi-Fi connection

Step 9: Reset your settings

Step 10: Erase and restore your content and settings

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There are many reasons for the success of the iPad, as well as its smaller cousin, the iPhone. However, if you polled fans of these devices, I bet one reason would quickly bubble up to the top spot: the touch interface. It’s slick, elegant, and just so easy: a tap here, a tap there, and away you go.

Using the iPad touch interface is like playing in one of those seaside areas where the water is only a couple of feet deep no matter where you go; you can still have all kinds of fun, but you never have to swim hard, and there’s little chance of drowning. However, if you walk out far enough in many of those ocean areas, you suddenly come to the edge of an underwater shelf, where the sandy bottom gives way to the inky ocean depths.


Learning to use the iPad’s touchscreen means learning how to use gestures to make the iPad do your bidding. You might think there must be dozens of gestures to master, but happily there are a mere half dozen:

Each new generation of the iPad bumps up the space available for storage: from 4GB in the original tablet to 1TB (terabyte, or 1,024GB) in a top-of-the-line iPad Pro. That’s a lot of data, but the more photos, videos, music, email, messages, apps, and documents you stuff into your iPad, the harder it gets to find what you’re looking for. Fortunately, your iPad comes with a powerful search feature that makes it easy to find what you want. Here’s how it works:


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