Keeper of Limits: The Mrs. Cavendish Poems

Keeper of Limits: The Mrs. Cavendish Poems
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A Pulitzer Prize-winning author details an unconsummated love affair that sustains political, philosophical, and sexual interest over a lifetime. The truth is always differentfrom what anyone says out loud,but who really cares? Not I, said the manI chose to be, nor I nor I nor I—among the many of us she left teetering. Stephen Dunn is a Pulitzer Prize winner and the author of seventeen collections of poetry, most recently Lines of Defense , Here and Now , and What Goes On: Selected & New Poems: 1995-2009 . He teaches at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.


Stephen Dunn. Keeper of Limits: The Mrs. Cavendish Poems

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Keeper of Limits

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13. Mrs. Cavendish and the Outlaw

14. Mrs. Cavendish Speaks


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