The Last Honorable Man

The Last Honorable Man
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THE LAST MAN SHE WANTED…Del Cooper was the only person who could spare Elisa Reyes from a fate worse than death. Though she had every reason to distrust the Texas Ranger accused of accidentally shooting her fiancé, Elisa knew that without his help her unborn child had no future. And so she made a deal with the devil–and accepted Del's honor-bound proposal.AND THE ONLY MAN SHE NEEDED…Elisa thought a paper marriage would be enough. But that was before Del put his career on the line to protect her. Before his lips unleashed all her pent-up desires. And suddenly Elisa knew that nothing Del could offer her would be enough–without his whole heart!


Vickie Taylor. The Last Honorable Man

“You may, ah, kiss the bride now.”

The Last Honorable Man. Vickie Taylor



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Отрывок из книги

Elisa’s bubble burst. Even the Ranger looked startled when he turned to her, his gray eyes roaming desperately from his grandmother to Elisa. She could have sworn his grandmother was holding her breath, love shining in her eyes as she waited for her grandson’s big moment.

Elisa might have let the moment pass as Del gave her a perfunctory kiss that served as a reminder that theirs was only a partnership, but she couldn’t stand seeing the woman’s confusion.


He’d been walking through a valley of his own since the shooting. Five days of reliving the same two-second slice of life over and over.

He crouches behind the car. Windows break in the warehouse across from him. Hayes is on the move, sprinting across the road. Inside the warehouse he sees the figure of a man through a window. The man raises a rifle, tracking Hayes.


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