The adventures of Levko. Fairy tale

The adventures of Levko. Fairy tale
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Описание книги

Victoria Zonova is a modern Russian writer, psychologist and illustrator of books for children. She creates fascinating therapeutic fairy tales with love and a subtle understanding of the child's psyche. In her fairy tales, good miracles seem real, and the main characters are always children. Victoria is a mother of three children. And the eldest son inspired her to write this book. A fairy tale about the adventures of a boy and a cat. This fairy tale will teach friendship, courage and resourcefulness. Read with your children, plunging into the magical world of fantasy.


Виктория Зонова. The adventures of Levko. Fairy tale

Changes in the Maple City

The first adventure. Through the strawberry glade to the wise owl

The second adventure. Treats of the sorceress

The third adventure. The battle with the cloud pirate

The fourth adventure. Meeting with Grandma the gardener

The fifth adventure. A contract with a gang of stray cats

Return to the Maple City

Отрывок из книги

In one far, far away, and maybe even very close to the Maple City, in which it constantly pours rain from colorful marmalades, there lived a brave, kind and weather-wise boy named Levkoi.

He loved the magic marmalade that is brewed in the cauldron of wisdom of the Tower of Omniscience. Having tasted these jelly drops and made a wish, you, like Lev, can be sure of its indispensable execution.


And who do you think was Levko's best friend? They were and are the cat Pouncequick from the tribe of Unrestrained Sniffers.

Only the boy Levka and the gray cat Shustrik were the ones who were not affected by the ominous changes.


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