What Adults Don’t Know About Art

What Adults Don’t Know About Art
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An accessible introduction to art history looking at how an appreciation of the visual arts can enhance our emotional lives. Graphic layout and unstuffy language introduce ideas in a clear, easy-to-grasp format. Tips on how to make gallery and museum visits more rewarding. Features a selection of over 100 artworks from artists including Picasso, Titian, Agnes Martin, Renoir, Barbara Hepworth and Vincent van Gogh. Includes engaging question and answer activities and discussion points to encourage conversations between parents and children. For ages 9+


Группа авторов. What Adults Don’t Know About Art


You might not know it, but you have probably been interested in art for a long time

Probably no one told you these were art

There might have been lots of different pictures on the walls that you couldn’t make much sense of

Why is it important?

Why is art important?

Why might some works of art be important to you?

Think about your ideal bedroom

But in an important way your ideal room and the gallery are the same

Why is art important — to you?

A work of art is important to you if you’d like to have it in your ideal room

An art gallery is important to you because it contains suggestions about what you might like to have in your room

You just need to find the few things that are most meaningful to you

Works of art are tools


Your mind is like a big messy cupboard

Art is a tool for remembering. Here’s a story about how art began

A picture helps you to remember

It’s a picture of what a feeling feels like

Art can also be used to remember an idea

Your room — your gallery — is a kind of remembering machine, just for you


Art can help you to appreciate people and things

We can use art as a tool to help our brains find ways of making things more exciting

The important thing is that we have to look carefully at the thing we are drawing

Art can help us love people

Looking at art can help us understand people better (even when that feels hard)

When we think about someone over their whole life it’s easier to feel love towards them

Art helps us see what’s nice about people

The artist is asking us to look as carefully as they looked

Sometimes it can be helpful to look at art when people aren’t being so nice

Art can help you with the ups and downs of the people in your life

Remember to appreciate your friendships, and love your friends as best you can

A useful thing art can do is teach us to look in unexpected places for what we might like


Art is a tool for storing hopeful feelings and giving them back when we’re feeling low

Art can bottle happiness

Happiness is still there, in the picture

The desire to be cheerful comes from knowledge of life’s difficulties


Art is a tool for helping us cope with sadness

Art is like a teddy bear

Art can be a tool to understand sadness — and also to recognise companionship

You won’t have to face the tricky parts of every day alone, because these works of art are with you, by your side. Balance

What kind of art do you think was popular during the Industrial Revolution?

Art is a tool for balance

People like very different things

People like different things, because different things are missing in each person’s life

What do you like looking at?

Art can seem very different to the kinds of things you normally enjoy looking at

Making sense of money

A lot of art is impressed by things that don’t cost very much and pays those things a lot of attention

Art is advertising for what we really need

What’s going on inside our heads, rather than what we buy, makes the biggest difference for our happiness

The picture is reminding us about a big idea: inequality

What do you want to take home with you from the gallery?

Are you being ‘materialistic’?

Material things can help us with love and being nice and with friendship and kindness

Art is a tool for reminding us about soul-stuff

What things would be in your ideal room?

Forks can be art too

Art is an object that sends you an important, helpful message about your life

And finally…

Art is important to you because it helps you

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