Creatures of the night

Creatures of the night
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At first sight, a usual family consisting of two vampires. Brother and sister love each other very much, try not to leave for a long time and avoid society of other vampires. But quiet, imperceptible life suddenly comes to an end. The former friends and enemies unexpectedly remind the existence of the released family. Besides, the main character makes such acts which attract a lot of problems. The history of two vampires begins with one of them.


Viktoria Koshkina. Creatures of the night

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Отрывок из книги

The street is empty. Doesn’t catch sight the uniform passerby. A solid hour I stick out here, and by didn’t run even a dog. In any case the dog, in general isn’t present anybody. Where all got to? As though feel, skunks… Alone, seemingly, it is necessary to stay here till the morning.

I got the mobile phone from a pocket to look what time is it now. I was distracted by a door scratch round the corner. It has to be, someone left bar.


– Hi, owner.

The muffled knocks on metal stopped, the man stood. Passed two seconds after from under Lada crept out a man forty five years, and with astonishment stared at me, sitting on the earth with a wrench in hands.


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